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Horticultural Points of Interest

Mike Mack has authored and presented these handy guides at our members’ meetings.

April 2019: Dividing and transplanting plants; spraying for winter moths and viburnum beetles; tips on spraying safely.

March 2019: Deer ticks; starting annuals from seed; birdhouses and orchard bee nests.

February 2019: Fertilizer basics; water soluble fertilizer; and fertilizers outdoors.

January 2019: Indoor plants; houseplant pests; and mail or internet plants.

November 2018: Early winter cuttings; cold-weather bird sanctuaries; and pest protection.

October 2018: Planting trees and shrubs; planting bulbs, with common bulb chart.

September 2018: Summer rainfall report; watering recommendations; eliminating noxious weeds; and pest watch.

April 2018: Spraying for winter moths; safe spraying; diseases of dogwoods; dividing perennials.

March 2018: Native plants for your garden.

February 2018: Fertilizer basics; pruning, when and how.

January 2018: Plant flowering (particularly indoor plants); mycorrhizae fungus.

November 2017: Deer ticks; early winter cuttings; and garden planning journals.

September 2017: Summer rainfall in Manchester; water recommendations; a sampling of trees, shrubs, and perennials that adapt to drought.

April 2017: Deer ticks; summer drought; summer events.

March 2017: Garden cleanup, soil testing, birdfeeders, proactive pest prevention.

February 2017: Annuals and perennials, pruning early flowering shrubs, gardens & houseplants.

January 2017: Flowering indoor plants; plants by internet or mail.

November 2016: Moving houseplants inside; starting seeds of perennials.

October 2016: Planting: spring bulbs, shrubs & trees; fall shutdown; winterizing.

September 2016: Dealing with drought.

April 2016: Nectar plants for butterflies, hummingbirds and bees.

March 2016: Seed starting, deer ticks, garden cleanup, soil testing.

October 2015: Hemlock Wooly Adelgid update, storing tender bulbs, cutting berried branches for holiday arrangements.

September 2015: Preserving Winter Interest, evergreens inperennial border, lawns.

April 2015: Shrub/Tree snow damage, spring bulbs, winter moths, perennial maintenance, division.

March 2015: Fertilizer basics; soil acidity; pro-active pest control.

February 2015: Plants by internet or mail; snow on shrubs; winter houseplant care.

January 2015: Flowering indoor plants; perennials from seed.