About Us

A brief history of the Society ~

NSHS was originated by the estate gardeners local to the Cape Ann area as a way to more easily share both their horticultural knowledge and pleasant society. This was in 1899. Since that time, the essential mission of NSHS has not changed.

And, today ~

One aspect that has changed over time, however, is the composition of the membership. Today, NSHS is made up of everyone from novices to master gardeners. What is common among all is a desire to learn the answers to two questions, “What makes my garden grow?” and, “What can I learn about other gardens and from their gardeners?” Our nine monthly meetings seek to answer these questions (and to have a little fun at the same time!)

Each season, our programs strive to offer a diverse set of information to our members and guests. Popular topics include:

• Perennials and Annuals
• Trees and Shrubs
• Plants for varied conditions in the garden
• Noteworthy gardens at home and abroad
• Garden design and structural elements
• Sustainable and environmentally aware garden practices
• Gardens and gardener histories
• Attracting birds and pollinators
• Ergonomics for the gardener

…and more!

Take a look at our Monthly Programs and also our Special Events!

Board of Directors

Carol Batdorf: President
Mike Mack: Vice-President
Kay Joseph: Treasurer
Ruth Weeks: Secretary
Melissa Flinn: Newsletter Editor
Joan Johnson: Special Projects
Norm Weeks: Communications
Dotty Ryan: Hospitality

Board Meetings

NSHS Board meetings are usually held on the 2nd Thursday of each month, August through June. The location varies as it rotates among the homes of Board members. NSHS members are always welcome to attend. Please contact a Board member to learn the date and location of any Board meeting you would like to visit, or call 978-232-0102 for more information.