March 28, 2018

Monthly Programs

Below you will find information on our monthly programs, including the current year calendar of events. Please be sure to look at our Special Events page for more activities!

Upcoming Program

Please check back for our upcoming 2018-2019 Program Calendar, to be posted soon!

All regular meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Masonic Lodge in Manchester and start at 7:30pm, except where noted.  Please arrive a little earlier to enjoy the refreshments.

Directions to Masonic Lodge
The Masonic Lodge, at 9 Church Street, is located behind the Town Hall in downtown Manchester. There is plenty of parking in front of the Lodge. See Map.

Our Program Calendar: 2017-2018

Mike Mack, Allison Cohen, and your Board have put together this diverse set of speakers and subjects. Note:  All meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Masonic Lodge in Manchester and start at 7:30pm, except where noted.  Please arrive a little earlier to enjoy the refreshments.

September 26, 2017.  Designing the Garden – What Can I Do and How Can I Do It?   Fred Rice.  Whether you are redesigning, simply modifying, or starting from scratch, the possibilities for creating an appealing garden are almost endless.  Techniques, suggestions and solutions will all be discussed, and questions answered.

October 24, 2017.  Bulbs Rock!   Traci Sobocinski.   In this entertaining talk, we’ll discover how to grow an easy-care and beautiful landscape that’s alive with bulbs. We’ll focus on some of the lesser-known, but nonetheless, great species of bulbs for spring, such as the “ephemerals”, unique varieties of narcissus, and alliums. What bulbs won’t critters eat? What if I haven’t planted my bulbs by December? Traci will share her favorites and teach tips for easy planting no matter your soil, sun, or schedule. And she’ll provide insider info on where to get the best bulbs for the best prices!

November 28, 2017. Why Grow That When You Can Grow This? Underused Plants for Northeast Gardens. Andrew Keys.  Why plant the same old thing your neighbors are growing? Join Andrew Keys, author of Growing the Northeast Garden, for a presentation about exceptionally beautiful but inexplicably underused plants. Andrew will revisit some old favorites that have fallen out of fashion, as well as touch on newer introductions that deserve your attention.

December 12, 2017. This is the SECOND TUESDAY. Trowels & Tomorrow:  Garden Stewardship. Tovah Martin. The beauty of gardens is that they mature. This lecture takes a look at some of the country’s most adept garden stewards to explore how they grapple with change to bring landscapes into the next generation – creating preservation-worthy landscapes that will endure. If you have inherited a landscape, or if you have created a garden over decades and now face mature trees and shrubs that require preemptive pruning or relocation, we explore issues and answers. We look at woodland gardens and grand estates; we explore gardens great and small to tackle such sticky wickets as rehabilitating overgrown boxwood hedges and coping with invasives. The goal is to bring yesterday’s gardens and plants into tomorrow.

January 23, 2018.  Vegetable Gardening in Less Than Full Sun. Gretel Anspach.  The first rule of vegetable gardening is full sun – blazing hot, unfiltered sun for 8 hours per day. But what if you don’t have that? Learn how you can grow (some) vegetables in less than the perfect site so you too can brag about your home-grown vegetables next summer.

February 27, 2018.  To Market, to Market, How Does a New Plant Get To Market? Angela Treadwell-Palmer. Angela, founder and co-owner of Plants Nouveau, a new plants marketing and introduction company will take us on a journey, telling the story of how new plants make it to market.  From breeding to your back yard, she will go through the process that every new plant goes through before it ends up in your local garden center.  See what makes new plants so expensive and why they can and should be worth the wait and the money.

March 27, 2018.  Organic Gardening and Companion Planting. Rita Wolmering. Explore practical ways of transitioning to organic practices in your garden.  Learn the principles and benefits of organic gardening including the use of companion planting to mix the right plants together in the garden to unleash their natural ability to help each other in repelling pests or enhancing healthy plant growth.

April 24, 2018. America’s Romance with the English Garden. Thomas Mickey.  At the beginning of the modern garden industry in the 1890s mass advertising, faster printing, national magazines, and free rural mail delivery made it possible to publish seed and nursery catalogs in the millions and send them across the country.  The catalogs encouraged the romantic English garden style in essays, illustrations, and ads.  The principle elements of that English garden design included the lawn, small groupings of flowering shrubs, a vegetable garden outback, flowerbeds on the lawn, trees to line the property, and a curved walkway. At a time when homeowners were eager to learn how to garden, it was no surprise that Americans everywhere loved the English Garden and the same garden appeared from California to Maine.

5/22/18.  Annual Auction.  Fred Rice, Auctioneer.

6/26/18.  Tuck’s Point Potluck Picnic. Members and their guests only.

7/14/18.  Garden tour. Members-only. Rain date 7/15.



Guests are always welcome at all NSHS meetings. And we have a new guest policy for 2017-18: new guests are invited to attend two consecutive meetings for free. After that, we hope you’ll join us as members!