March 28, 2018

Monthly Programs

Below you will find information on our monthly programs, including the current year calendar of events. Please be sure to look at our Special Events page for more activities!

Upcoming Programs

Outlined below are all of the programs to be enjoyed this season. There’s something to be excited about with each one. Big thanks go to Mike Mack and his team of volunteers who assisted in putting this all together. Please note: All meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Masonic Lodge in Manchester and start at 7:30pm, except where noted. And don’t forget to arrive a little early to enjoy the refreshments!

All regular meetings are held on Tuesdays at the Masonic Lodge in Manchester and start at 7:30pm, except where noted.  Please arrive a little earlier to enjoy the refreshments.

Directions to Masonic Lodge
The Masonic Lodge, at 10 Church Street, is located behind the Town Hall in downtown Manchester. There is plenty of parking in front of the Lodge. See Map.

Our Program Calendar: 2018-2019

September 25, 2018. Succulents for Home and Garden with Art Scarpa. Art’s presentation will cover the plants’ native habitats and cultural requirements, including temperature, light and water, soil mixes, propagation and re-potting. He will be bringing along many plants to show and pass around during the program. Please bring along any questions you may have on any aspect related to the identification or culture of cacti and succulents.

October 23, 2018. Sustaining the Monarch: One Yard at a Time with Katie Banks Hone. Learn about the monarch butterfly – its natural history, migration, the reasons for its decline and the many conservation efforts that are being undertaken along its migration pathway. We will also discuss how you can help the monarch in your own yard by planting a native pollinator garden.

November 27, 2018. Algonquin Food and Medicinal Plants with Mary Ellen Lepionka. This slide lecture explores Native American diet and nutrition, local practices in the procurement and preparation of food from plants, and medicinal uses of plants on the North Shore at the time of first European contact.

December 11, 2018. Holiday Decoration Workshop with Mary Huntoon. This is a hands-on workshop for a holiday centerpiece or mantelpiece. Please bring flower cutters, a preferred ribbon (If you have one), and any greenery to share. The rest will be provided. Please join us for an evening of conversation and creativity. Preregistration is needed.

January 22, 2019. An Introduction to Mushrooms with Gary Gilbert. The talk is about how mushrooms function in the ecosystem, their identifying features, and a brief tour of some of the genera and species we see in the woods. It is not focused on edibility, although the subject always comes up! The rules that one must follow if considering eating them are made clear, and to do so is up to the individual. The discussion focus is on their ecology and mushroom science.

This meeting is also the occasion for our annual Potluck Supper and “Virtual Garden Tour”. The Potluck is a chance to share a favorite recipe (or an experiment!) with fellow members and guests. The Tour is a compilation of photos of members’ own gardens or from places they have visited. These captioned photos are put together as a slide show for the enjoyment of all. The presentation begins as dessert is being served. All in all, it’s always quite an evening!

February 26, 2019. Gardening with Dahlias with Betsy Szymczak. Someone once said that peonies are the “Show Girls” of the spring garden, but with dahlias it’s all about being the summer to early fall “Royalty”! This program will provide a brief history of the discovery of dahlias and their introduction into the American garden. We will learn how to select dahlia tubers, where to plant them and how to water and fertilize. To stake or not to stake, to dig or not to dig – these are the questions! If you dig tubers, you’ll learn how to store, overwinter, and then wake them up and perhaps make cuttings. This will all be followed by a brief discussion of the American Dahlia Society Classification (ADS) and how to enter a dahlia show.

March 26, 2019. Ikebana: A Demonstration of the Japanese Art of Flower Arranging with Tomoko Tanaka. Tomoko will speak briefly about the history of ikebana prior to giving the demonstration. Throughout the demonstration she will talk about the principles of ikebana and provide information about the materials. Arrangements (minus the containers) will be auctioned off at the end of the presentation.

April 23, 2019. Growing a Healthy Lawn with Gretel Anspach. Lawns are imported garden fixtures from places with cool, wet summers. Here, maintaining a “perfect” lawn is a struggle, and advertisers would have us believe that if you follow their four (or three or five) step process, your lawn will be magnificent. Learn what it really takes to have a healthy lawn. We’ll be shown options for tailoring our own lawn and the lawn care needed to fit our needs, our site, and our vision of the perfect lawn.

May 28, 2019. Annual Plant Sale and Auction with Fred Rice, Auctioneer Extraordinaire.

June 25, 2019. Annual Pot Luck Picnic at Tuck’s Point.


Everyone is always welcome to attend NSHS meetings. There is a $5 fee for non-members which includes refreshments and the evening’s program. We invite all non-members to consider joining North Shore Horticultural. For more information on joining, please click on and visit our Membership page.